How To Submit Your Blog (sitemap) To Google Search Console (Webmaster)

Google Webmaster :

So you have a blog or Website Setup Recently . Now it's Time to Spread your Content around the world and Start getting Organic Traffic . Google Webmaster / Google Search Console is a Webmaster place Where you can Submit your Site sitemap . After Submitting your Sitemap to Google webmaster, Googlebot or Crawler Will Crawl and Index your Site Content in Google database . When Someone Search for a particular Things on Google Search Engine , if it is present in Site Google then will show you page and that how people will come to know your site and Slowly you will start getting hug Traffic to your site. Like Google Webmaster there are many other Search Engine like Bing Search Engine , Yandex Search Engine etc. which we will Discuss in our next post . So Today let's submit your blog to Google .

Steps To Submit Your Site To Google :

  • First Goto Google Search Console Page
  • Now Here Click on Add Property and Then a pop-up Box will appear , there type your Site Full URL including both www and http. See the image below.
  • Click on Add
  • Now You have to Verify Your Site , This verification is to Verify that You are the Owner of this particular site.
  • Now Verify Using any of the Options Available , I would Recommend you to Use either Domain Name Provider or HTML Tag , In HTML Tag Verification You just have to Copy the Verification Code and Paste it on Your Site Template just Below head tag but before body tag .
  • Now Simply Click On Verify
  • Ok So now site url submitted , Then next is to Submit the Sitemap of the Site , To Submit Sitemap Click on Sitemap Option -> Test/add Sitemap . Enter your Sitemap as shown in below image and Click on Submit

So it's Done Finally , Now Very Soon Googlebot will visit your site and it will Crawl And Index your site content after which your site will start showing on Google Search Result . Usually for New site Googlebot Crawl with 2Days but sometimes it takes week also . So without doing anything just wait for the Crawler to Index your site Post . If you find this Article Useful Please share on Social Site using below options. Also if Any queries do comment.

Way To Implement Website Structure Data On Blogger Using Json Code

Structure Data Website Using Json For Blogger :

Structure data is use to Arrange your blog data in a Search Engine Friendly Ways Which help your Blog Content to Get index properly and help to Appear on top of search engine . here we have defined Structure data in a simple way so that new Blogger like you will understand what Structure data is and how it is help full for your blog. Previously we have discussed a on how you can Use Social Content Locker on your Blogger blog , Which is very important if you want to increase you Facebook like or Twitter follower or Google plus follower. Today you will learn how to implement Structure data on your Blog in most simplest way and rank on top of Search engine.

In WordPress also in Some Blogger Template This Structure data is already installed . but for those who have not installed or implement Structure data then you are in right place. You can check your blog Structure data by using Google Structure Data Testing Tool . To all the new Blogger we Recommend you to install this Structure data in your blog template Many as it is very important for Search Engines. Here you will learn how you can install Structure data in most easy way in other words it is known as one click implementation. OK so see below the Steps and Setup Structure data for your Google Blogger (Blogspot) Blog .

Steps To Implement Structure Data On Blogger :

  • First Goto Your -> Template -> Edite HTML
  • Then Copy This Json Code Given Below
  • <script type='application/ld+json'>{ &quot;@context&quot;: &quot;;, &quot;@type&quot;: &quot;WebSite&quot;, &quot;url&quot;: &quot;<data:blog.homepageUrl/>&quot;, &quot;potentialAction&quot;: { &quot;@type&quot;: &quot;SearchAction&quot;, &quot;target&quot;: &quot;<data:blog.homepageUrl/>?q={search_term}&quot;, &quot;query-input&quot;: &quot;required name=search_term&quot; } }</script>

  • Now Search For The Below Code
  • <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>

  • Then Just Below this Code Paste the Json Code which you have already copied Before.
  • Finally Save your Template and Check your Structure Data by Google Structure Data Testing Tool
So we hope Now you have successfully installed Structure Data On your blog . Now you will notice that your blog Content will be index and Appear on Search engines and You will get more Organic Traffic to your blog . As always please share this post using below share option if it's useful to you .

How To Install Social Content Locker in Blogger ( Blogspot )

Blogger Social Content Locker : Today we will Share you the idea of how you can Lock your Blogger Content with Social Content Locker . Previous we have discussed How To Create blog on Blogger So if you don't have a blog See our previous Post. Well Some might be wondering what is Social Locker . Let us make it clear , Social Content Locker is a Tool which is use to lock your blog post which will be unlocked only when readers Like Your Social fan page like Facebook Page , Twitter . In WordPress Social Content Locker is Easily available by default which you can apply using plugins but for Blogger we have to manually set it up . The Benefits of Social Locker is it which drastically increase your Social Fan page Likes . Therefore it is very useful for those who want to increase like on their Facebook Page , increase Twitter follower or Google + Follower . See below and Follow the instructions carefully to Setup Social Content Locker in your Blogger blog.

Steps To Setup Social Content Locker In Blogger :

  • First of All Goto Blogger->Template-> Edite Html.
  • After Goto to Edit Html Now Search for The Code </head> using ( CTRL+F ).
  • Now Just Above </head> Paste The JQuery Code , If you already have JQuery Code install then no need of this Step :
  • <script src=’’ type=’text/

  • After Installing the Above JQuery Code Now we have to Install Social Locker code Given below , Code and Past the Code just Below or After </head>
  • <link href=’
    host/0B_1mqJd2tC8qeDVzSnBJMDh5WUk’ rel=’stylesheet’/>
    <script src=’
    host/0B_1mqJd2tC8qbGdmQzRZVGk3bXM’ type=’text/javascript’/>
    <script type=’text/javascript’>
    jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
    $(‘#default-usage .to-lock’).sociallocker({
    buttons: {order:[“ facebook-like “,” twitter-tweet “,” google-plus “]},
    twitter: {url:” “},
    facebook: {url:” “},
    google: {url:” “},
    text: {
    header: “ Like us To Unlock This Content “,
    message: “ This content is locked. Like us on Facebook, Twitter or
    Google plus to unlock it. ”
    locker: {close: false, timer: 0,},
    theme: “ dandyish”

    Customized The Social Content Locker :

  • Now Change the Color or Arrange the Social Content Account to your choice
  • “facebook-like“
    “facebook-share “
    “google-plus “
    “google-share “
    “linkedin-share “

  • Now Change the Url with your Social Page or profile Url
  • newbloggertricks

  • Now Replace the Value of the Theme with give value.
  • theme: “ dandyish“

    “glass ”
    “secrets ”

    Steps to install Social Content Locker in Your Blogger post :

  • To Install Social Content Locker in your post just simply add the below code in your Html
  • <article id=”default-usage”>
    <div class=”to-lock” style=”display:none;”>
    – Your blog Content  –

  • In order To Lock your post with Social Content Locker change Your blog Content with your blog Post or Content
That's it Finally you have Lock your Content with Social Content Locker . Now in few day you will see huge increase in your Social Pages . Enjoy and do share this post on Social site using below share options.

Beginner Guide To Create Free Blog On Blogger(Blogspot)

Create New Blog On Google Blogger : Google Blogger(Blogspot) is a Free Blogging platform where you can create your personal or business blog. The main positive point of blogspot is that it is totally free you don't Even need single penny. Also this platform is powered by or a part of Google so we can trust it without any hesitation.

if you have knowledge of Blogging then for sure , you will raise the question why Blogspot ? when there are many easy and free Blogging platform. The answer to this question is : First think many Blogging platform first claim that it's free but they may charge some amount. Even if it don't ask for the amount , it will show their Ads on your blog but Blogspot is not that type. Secondly even if you have a self hosted Blog some time you will see face the problem like Server down , Technical error etc.Im writing all this because I have 1 year of experience on this Google Blogger. There because of all this positive things I can say that Blogger platform is a Good choice.

If you are totally new to this Blogging life then I would suggest you to read some more articles on Blogging and Blogging related top like How to optimize your blog for search engine , how to earn money from your blog . For this we have already written article on Cuelinks Affiliated Market and Linkshrink Shorten URL For Blogger to Earn From Their blog. You should be prepared with all this thing. Anyway if Let's now see below how you can setup a new blog on Blogger for free.

Steps by Steps Guide for Begging to Create New blog on Google Blogger

  • First of all make Sure that You have A Gmail Account , Don't worry even if you don't have , just Goto Google Gmail and Create One.
  • Now that you have Gmail Account you don't need anything just Goto . Here you will see a page like the image below just Click on CREATE YOUR BLOG
  • Here you will see a new pop-up page with two box asking for your Title and Domain. Fill up both with the title and Domain URL of your choice. Note : Title will be you blog title which you can change later on and Domain mean the URL of you blog like which you cannot change , you can Only park custom domain over it . OK now select one template and Click on CREATE BLOG
  • You have Successfully create you blog . See it's simply as ABC but wait There are many things you need to setup now. here you will see some options like OVERVIEW , POST , PAGE , EARNING , CAMPAIGN, LAYOUT , TEMPLATE , SETTINGS.
  • Goto to LAYOUT and Remove the widget which is not necessary and arrange it as you want. then goto to Settings And do the necessary settings like Filling up Blog description , Meta Description etc etc .

So Finally your with you knowledge and our help you have successfully setup you blog on Blogger . Now you can customize your blog design using custom Template , There are many custom Template available , Search on Google. If you want to make you blog look like pro and Search Engine Friendly then buy a Domain name from GoDaddy , 1&1 , Bigrock , Bluehost etc . we will discuss about domain and how to park it on later post .if you are MyWapBlog user then see this How to Move From MyWapBlog to Blogger

If you have any queries or have in problem creating blog , then do comment below we will like to help you out . please do support us by sharing this article using below share Option.

How To Earn Money From Cuelinks Affiliated Market Full Guide

Newbloggertricks is Here with a An Affiliated Program Called Cuelink To Earn Money Online

Now a days many blog and website are coming up with different niches. Base on Different Platform like Blogspot, WordPress,MyWapBlog Etc… The Motive behind All blog and Website is To Earn Money or Make Money Online. But Earning money is not That easy like you think. So In order to Make Earning online Easy I'm here with an Affiliated Market Cuelink

Many of you might already know what is Cuelink but You might not know how to use Cuelink on Your website to Start Earning. There for I will Explain all the Process to help you apply Cuelink on Your Blog.

Cuelink is An Affiliated Market with More Than 1000 Plus Partners called Merchant like Amazon , EBay, Paytm, Freecharge, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Many more … And Also Cuelink is The most Easiest Way to Earn as it have the features of Automatic Content Monetization with The Help Of JavaScript.

Features Of Cuelink

  • Very Simple Sign-up process. 
  • Normally Fast Approval. 
  • Easy integration of CueLinks affiliate code/script. 
  • Timely payments. 
  • Tool to create any link into affiliate link. 
  • Automatic affiliate link conversion. 
  • Large variety of advertisers. 
  • Category based Ad Widgets

Note There are many Other Way To Earn Money Like AdSense or Other CPC Program but I feel like Cuelink is the best for a Blogger like you and me.

I like CueLinks platform and service very much. You have all most all the merchants at one place and the best part is that you don't have send requests to each and every advertiser to get approved for their affiliates. You are already eligible for all the merchants who have partnered with Cuelinks.

Some of the popular merchant in the CueLinks affiliate network are Flipkart , Croma, Airtel, Expedia, ShopClues, Homeshop18, FoodPanda, FreeRecharge, Jabong, Zovi, Myntra, eBay India, FutureBazaar, Quikr, Big Bazaar, Bata, Bagittoday, Chhabra555, Goibibo, HDFC Life, HostGator, Hilton Hotel, JetAirways, etc.

Steps To Created Account and Get Started With Cuelink

  1. First Goto Cuelink Signup Page.
  2. Now In Signup Page You will be Required To Provide Your Full Details Like - Your Website URL (Domain Name) , Your Name , Email , Company , Country. (In Company field Provide Your Blog or Website Name).

  3. Now you have to Wait for Their Approval. Normally They Approval Instantly but Due to Some technical Problem it may take Long. So I will Advice You To Contact Them Personally. (Even Our Account Got Approved only after I Have Contact them Personally.

  4. Hope Now Finally You have Got an Approved Account of Cuelink. Now You Can Start Applying Cuelink's Link On Blog or Website.

  5. To Start Using Cuelink Login To Your Cuelink Account.

  6. Go to Installation and copy that java script code

  7. Go to your blog or website HTML code ,paste that java script code just before < /body> tag.

  8. Make sure that, after paste java script in your cuelinks account, on cuewords option.Cuewords option lies in Dashboard.

Finally You are Done With Cuelink Monetization of Your blog ... Now your Job is Done Simply Start Writing post On Top E-Commerce site . Or Reviewing of Product on Your Website and Cuelink will Automatically Converted Normal links into Affiliated Links.

Steps to Manually Make Your Links Affiliated

  • Login to Cuelink.

  • In Dashboard You will See Merchant lookup Option Click on It.

  • Then You will See many Merchant list Select The one you want. Then Click On it.

  • Now You will See Three Text box At the Bottom of The Page - In First Text box Past Your Product Link and Then Click on Link Me. Now you Will get your Affiliated Link on the Last Text box. Copy The Link and Use it on your blog.

How To Add Cuelinks Widgets on Your Blog

Widgets is for blogs or websites. If you want add Widget in your blog side bar, and then you can create widget and place it in your blog. For doing this go to Resource Centre option in your cuelinks account and then click widgets.

There you can find different sizes of widgets, you can choose any one of them and also you can choose all widgets.

1. Go to Resource Centre

2. Click Widgets

3. Click Create a widget

Adding widgets in blog

1.Login your blog ->Layout

2.Click Add gadget->choose HTML /JavaScript

3.Paste Widget code from cuelinks

4.Enter name of that widget and choose which categories you wish to promote and select number of deals, which means how many number of merchants or products you wish to promote. You can see preview before getting code. And paste that code in your blogger widgets.

Once you did this ,you no need to update that widgets in every day ,all of its take care by cuelinks technical team.

So This is all about How to Earn Money From Cuelink Affiliated Market . Note that Now a Days Cuelink is On Top of all Affiliated Markets. Also You can Use cuelink with Your AdSense or Any other ads. Cuelink will not harm your other Ads . If You have any Query or problem with Cuelink affiliated Program feel Free To Comment Below. and Please help us grow By Sharing this Post On Facebook, Google+ etc.